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Company edition

Our premium Company Edition for agencies or for clients, provides a full featured Cxoice Insight Management platform as a dedicated cloud- or server-based system. Run surveys. Build communities. Create panels. Tailor the platform's look-and-feel. Share insights with full access-controlled knowledge management system. Your company Cxoice Insight Platform runs on a dedicated cloud-based server branded to your company or organisation with access and log-ins for staff and, for agencies, for client access. Pricing is per server, not per user because everyone in your company should have access to research.

A scalable platform for agencies or clients

Company editions come in two flavours - for agencies or for client-end-users, though they can be mix-and-matched for clients who need or use call-centre outreach, or for research agencies who also provide consultancy or other data gathering services who need a platform for project management or data collation and curation.

Agency with web or phone including interviewing teams

Our Research Agency Platform includes full cloud-based CATI and WATI call-centre capabilities, including remote interviewer access, log-in and monitoring, plus sample management, with live quota control and interviewer performance metrics with bespoke survey scripting for projects that need more than point and click. Surveys can be run as web-only, web-plus-phone or just web with options for off-line data collection. Project management tools include interviewer allocation, sample blocks, time tracking, calendars and document stores.

Clients who need projects beyond just the survey

For clients end-users, Cxoice delivers online surveys that can be integrated with panel providers of your choice, or used as community management platforms for building long-term online market research communities. Cxoice is structured into project areas with permission-based access based on role, allowing for working document areas, shared report repositories, and team-based editing and monitoring. For insight specialists, Cxoice provides a internal portal front-end with alerts, news sections and curation tools acting as a broader knowledge management platform, than just a survey builder.

Private dedicated Cxoice systems

Cxoice Company Edition is delivered as private server installations that can be tailored and customised to your needs, including branding, content structure and team management. As private systems they can be managed entirely separately from any other users for data control purposes, and the choice of server location can be specified to cater for data protection requirements such as GDPR. Larger companies can use server clusters or run choice on AWS instances.

Contact us for more information and an online demonstration of how Cxoice makes your research team more efficient while improving participant experience - from direct-to-screen design, to respondent quality monitoring, and interviewer performance tracking, and smart web-overlay designs.

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