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Community edition

Free, fully function surveys for offline use. Perfect for small organisations or student groups where data will be collected face-to-face or by email. Questionnaires are multi-page, with fully routing control. Data can be accumulated and downloaded to Excel or viewed as frequency counts. And it's all free. No software to install, no sign up needed. Just create your questionnaire using the Cxoice Questionnaire Creator or get started quickly by using the Questionnaire Wizard, edit, write and start collecting data.

Surveys for anyone

Anyone can create surveys with the Cxoice Questionnaire Creator, build and test on-screen questionnaires instantly. Save and open files locally - so no server-side, giving complete privacy over the questionnaire design.

Work directly on-screen

Build and test directly on-screen. All levels of Cxoice have in-survey calculations, text piping and routing allowing for complex questionnaire designs, including the Community Edition. Remember to use 'PageBreaks' to create a multi-page questionnaire, with skips available at the end of each page.

From free for small projects...

The Community Edition is free for simple face-to-face projects where an HTML questionnaire can be created for use on multiple devices. For online surveys you will need a Cxoice online account to be able to capture responses over the internet.

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