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Live-data reporting

Cxoice surveys can be shared via live-data presentations where results can be examined and drilled-down directly to allow for exploring data in more detail. The charts can also be filtered for automated report generation for different audiences, and exported to Powerpoint or pdf's for static archives.

Reports can also be blended into staff's learning materials with checks, tests and comments for training and awareness building. Making the report active, and not just something else to browse.

  • Management and reporting integration
    • Administrator module with live status and live topline results
    • Quota checks and management
    • Full CATI appointment manager for interviewing teams with sample and quota control
    • Fully translateable with multi-language support
  • Advanced reporting, presentation and results dissemination capabilities
    • Live-data dashboards with dynamic filters for different access groups
    • Live-data full presentations including audio commentary capabilities
    • Tables and data tabulations
    • Automatically generate Powerpoint or Excel output
    • Feedback on feedback for voting, data-sharing and expectation testing

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